• Prop 65 Warning : Cancer and Reproductive Harm

S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Dry Extendable White

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2009-2014 GMC Sierra 1501


Maximum Performance Our cold air intake for the 2009-2014 Silverado 1500/Sierra 1500 was engineered to minimize air restriction and flows 34.57 percent better than stock.

This kit comes with a fully enclosed airbox that protects the filter from dirt and keeps out engine heat.

Protect Your Engine. This kit comes with a massive, highly-efficient air filter which results in better performance and protects your engine.

Available in either 8-layer Cotton Cleanable or Dry Extendable media.

Million Mile Warranty - S&B Air Filters and Intake Kits purchased from Authorized dealers are backed by S&B's Million Mile Limited Warranty. Only when used under the typical driving conditions and on vehicles or which they were designed. If one of our products is not performing properly or is defective, S&B replace it.

Breath Easy. Your Engine and warranty are protected - Installing a S&B Intake Kit or Air Filter will not void your vehicles warranty, as long as you properly install and maintain your intake kit or filter.

  • Fits 09-14 GMC Sierra 1500 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L & 6.2L
  • Filter Type Dry
  • Filter Dry Extendable
  • Replacement Filter KF-1055D
  • Filter Material Paper
  • Filter Color White
  • Color Black
  • Street Legal In All US States Yes
  • CARB Exempt ID D-590-14
  • Fuel Type Gas
  • Liter 4.8 Liter, 5.3 Liter, 6.0 Liter, 6.2 Liter
  • Warranty Million Mile Warranty
  • Prop 65 Warning : Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Year ASC Make ASC Engine ASC
2014 Chevrolet 6.0L Gas
2014 GMC 6.0L Gas
2014 GMC 6.2L Gas
2014 Chevrolet 5.3L Gas
2014 GMC 5.3L Gas
2013 Chevrolet 6.0L Gas
2013 GMC 6.0L Gas
2013 Cadillac 6.2L Gas
2013 Chevrolet 6.2L Gas
2013 GMC 6.2L Gas
2013 Chevrolet 4.8L Gas
2013 GMC 4.8L Gas
2013 Chevrolet 5.3L Gas
2013 GMC 5.3L Gas
2012 Chevrolet 6.0L Gas
2012 GMC 6.0L Gas
2012 Chevrolet 6.2L Gas
2012 GMC 6.2L Gas
2012 Cadillac 6.2L Gas
2012 Chevrolet 4.8L Gas
2012 GMC 4.8L Gas
2012 Chevrolet 5.3L Gas
2012 GMC 5.3L Gas
2011 Chevrolet 6.0L Gas
2011 GMC 6.0L Gas
2011 Cadillac 6.2L Gas
2011 Chevrolet 6.2L Gas
2011 GMC 6.2L Gas
2011 Chevrolet 4.8L Gas
2011 GMC 4.8L Gas
2011 Chevrolet 5.3L Gas
2011 GMC 5.3L Gas
2010 Chevrolet 6.0L Gas
2010 GMC 6.0L Gas
2010 Cadillac 6.2L Gas
2010 Chevrolet 6.2L Gas
2010 GMC 6.2L Gas
2010 Chevrolet 4.8L Gas
2010 GMC 4.8L Gas
2010 Chevrolet 5.3L Gas
2010 GMC 5.3L Gas
2009 Chevrolet 6.0L Gas
2009 GMC 6.0L Gas
2009 Cadillac 6.2L Gas
2009 Chevrolet 6.2L Gas
2009 GMC 6.2L Gas
2009 Chevrolet 4.8L Gas
2009 GMC 4.8L Gas
2009 Chevrolet 5.3L Gas
2009 GMC 5.3L Gas
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  • 2009-2014 GMC Sierra 1501
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