S&B Filters 76-1007-1 Intake Elbow


S & B Dodge Cummins 1998-2002 5.9L CNC Intake Elbow, 100% Machine Cut & TIG Welded #76-1007

Breathe easy. Your engine & warranty are protected.TM

Add power, fuel economy and fun while still protecting your investment.

Inner beauty that is worth bragging about.

Machine cut to perfection.
Yes, it is spectacular on the outside, but its inner beauty is what really counts. The interior of the elbow is CNC cut as well to maximize airflow. Cleverly assembled with TIG welding for a part you can rely on.

Multiple ports many possibilities.

Provides 8 ports so you can inject and monitor until your hearts content. We've also provided airtight plugs to cover any unused ports.

Yes, we tried to blow it up.

Authorized Testing Inc. performed the burst testing on our new CNC elbow. To perform the test, both ends of the elbow were sealed, and water was pumped into the elbow until the point of failure. The S&B elbow with stood up to 300 PSI before it cracked at the weld. A stock truck would see no more than 30 PSI. A truck with all the bells and whistles should see no more than 100 PSI.

Better than our competitors.

Advanced flow software technology is a huge technical edge that allows our engineers to eliminate dead areas, pinpoint optimal velocity, streamline the airflow, and beat the other guys.

Intelligent attachment.

The standard procedure for attaching an elbow to an intake has been to run two bolts through the interior of the elbow. This restricts airflow and hinders performance. Our new elbow attaches with four bolts on the outside of the elbow resulting in a tighter seal, increased airflow and better performance.