Fluidampr Harmonic Dampers 890101


Fluidampr GM/ Duramax 2001-2005 6.6L LB7&LLY Diesel Series Damper


A new Fluidampr on your diesel truck will not only protect your engine from destructive torsional vibrations but will also increase TORQUE & HORSEPOWER. High performance diesel engines running chips and programmers are exceptionally vulnerable to torsional vibrations. Save your crank & more by installing a new Fluidampr today.

Fluidampr® Performance Diesel dampers offer the best protection against torsional vibrations. Performance tuned or stock, your diesel engine will run more efficiently with a viscous Fluidampr® installed. Torsional Vibrations or harmonics can destroy crankshafts and bearings. These vibrations rob horsepower and torque from the engine. Stock dampers utilize rubber or elastomer to control torsional vibrations. The rubbery material not only breaks down over time, but limits the capabilities for the damper.

Fluidampr® uses a viscous silicone fluid, internal inertia ring and a laser sealed housing. Our precision machined assembly is the most effective way to control torsional twisting. Fluidampr® has tested on both stock and performance tuned diesel pick-ups. Dyno tests have shown consistent increases in horsepower and torque in the three major manufacturers.

Torque & Horsepower Stock Damper Fluidampr Cummins 5.9L HP 421.0 426.4 Torque 844.5 847.6 Powerstroke 6.0L HP 366.3 380.8 Torque 569.5 609.0 Duramax 6.6L HP 459.9 465.8 Torque 926.5 944.2 Fluidampr controls torsional vibrations up to 80% better than a stock damper. Each time the air/fuel mixture inside a cylinder is ignited, the combustion event creates a torque spike that is applied to the crankshaft through the pistons and rods. This torque spike is so severe that it not only turns the crankshaft, it actually twists the crankshaft ahead of its normal rotation and then the crankshaft rebounds. This twisting action is known as torsional vibration. When these torque spikes get into phase with the natural frequency of the crankshaft assembly in the engine, critical torsional harmonic vibrations occur that are destructive to the bearings and crankshaft.

Each Fluidampr is manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications.