BD-Power Remote Mount 4" Exhaust Brake 1027338

BD Diesel

BD Diesel Brake - 2003-2005 Dodge Air/Remote 4 In.

  • The Original & Best Exhaust Brake for Dodge Trucks
  • The elbow of BD's Ram Turbo Mount Exhaust Brake bolts in place of the existing elbow that's clamped to the turbo outlet and exhaust system. BD's Variable Orifice Technology is part of this air engagement design, resulting in peak retarding power throughout the engine's RPM. A spring-loaded air cylinder closes the offset stainless steel shaft; the shaft rotates in a special bushing material to ensure the butterfly does not stick. The butterfly has been positioned in the exhaust brake elbow so, when open, exhaust flow is not reduced. The valve assembly has ports to monitor brake pressure or to install an exhaust temperature probe. A lighted on/off toggle switch is wired into an electronic idle verification board for quick exhaust brake engagement, and the air compressor can also be used for other applications. The BD Exhaust Brake is tough... Ram tough!

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