BD-Power Cam Caster Adjuster Kit 1032100

BD Diesel

BD Diesel Control Arm Caster Adjusting Cam - Ford 2005-2010 6.0L/6.4L

Ford Cam Caster Adjuster Kit

The BD Diesel Performance Cam Caster Adjuster Kit will make it easier to add more positive caster to your Fords suspension. Lift kits, large oversize tires and even leveling kits can have a major impact on your suspension causing uneven tire wear and poor drivability. The Cam Caster kit will come with all necessary hardware to get your truck driving safely, with the good looks of oversize tires or a lift kit.

Features Include:

  • Reduce Tire Cupping
  • Helps steering wheel return to center position
  • Returns caster to positive angle for good self-centering of wheels while driving