BD-Power BrakeLoc Heat Riser Control 1030755

BD Diesel

BD Diesel Brakeloc - 1994-2003 Ford 7.3L Manual Trans

  • ''Electric'' in this case, refers to simply connecting the BrakeLoc to the engine heat riser valve's control wire and signaling to close the valve. A delay of 2-3 seconds occurs before the valve closes and exhaust backpressure builds to retard the engine revolutions vehicle speed. Automatic transmission equipped trucks have this function combined with the BD AutoLoc and TorqLoc computer. These trucks only require a basic wiring harness.
  • The BrakeLoc computer is designed to close the heat riser valve on the engine and will maintain converter lock-up until a pre-selected vehicle speed. The BrakeLoc improves retarding horsepower from 5-RHP, when the clutch is not engaged, to 200-RHP when engaged. The amount of retarding force is 30% less than vacuum engaged BD vacuum engaged brake and 10% of the stock heat riser valves that stick or bind.


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