BD-Power 1075860 Dodge Common Rail Performance Injector Set

BD Diesel

BD Diesel Injector Set - Dodge 5.9L Cummins 2003-04 Stage 1 (60hp)

  • **A separate Core Charge of $900 will Apply**
  • Cummins 5.9L 6BTA 12-valve engines 1991-98 and ISB 24-valve engines all use Bosch injectors to atomize the fuel delivered by the high pressure fuel pump. BD Performance has been rebuilding fuel injection components for 27 years. During this period they have found different Bosch injector nozzles that do flow more fuel and produce more power. Included with some of the kits is a metered orifice that increases turbo boost for the exact air fuel ratio.
  • They also offer the X-Pulse design that has been reworked to increase the amount of fuel beyond the stock design. Bosch injectors result in 20-40 Rear Wheel HP gains depending on the engine and injector nozzle. The X-Pulse injectors produce 30-50 RHP and the XXX-Pulse injectors offer 60-90 HP. When using the XXX-Pulse injectors, it is recommended that electronic engine timing and turbocharger Boost Foolers are used. These devices fine tune the time of injection and the amount of oxygen in the combustion chamber for completely clean exhaust emissions and safe operating temperatures.
  • Note: Price includes a refundable core charge. Core must be shipped directly to BD Diesel in original container with in 30 days for core refund. Core charge will be refunded by BD Diesel after core has been received. Core return instructions are included with product, see product description for details.
  • Not for sale to licensed California vehicles.