BD-Power 1045440 R700 Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit

BD Diesel

The BD-Power 1045440 R700 Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit for your 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins is designed for those that want to upgrade their BD-Power Tow Twins into the R700 Twin Kit. The BD Race Track Turbo Kits, featuring extended tip compressor wheel technology, high efficiency compressor housing, dual volute waste gates for great bottom end response and top end control, plus, a superior drive pressure turbine housing that delivers enough flow to support over 700hp!


  • R700 Twin kit Flows 1370 CFM
  • Contains needed items to convert Tow Twins To R700 Twins
  • All plumbing and hardware oil drains and return lines

Note: You must already have the BD-Power Tow Twins to complete this system.