BD-Power 1044105 Turbine Diverter Valve

BD Diesel

BD Diesel Track Master Turbine Diverter Valve - T4-T4 Mounting

  • Does your small turbine housing hold back power & over speed your turbo? Does your big turbine housing open up big power but have poor response times?

  • These Turbine Diverter Valves from BD Diesel Performance directs the exhaust gas into one volute which speeds up the turbocharger at lower rpm's. Once optimum boost pressure has been reached, the valve will open up to direct flow through both volutes.

  • With these Turbine Diverter Valves your turbo will spool up quicker. They will also help with reducing your 1/4 mile times, exhaust temperatures and smoke levels. Valve, flap, and shaft assemblies are stainless steel casted.