BD-Power 1042700 Cool-It Intercooler

BD Diesel

BD Cool It Intercooler Ford Powerstroke 1999-2003 7.3L

    • More power and better fuel economy, lower EGT
    • 57% more cooling surface with 95% better heat dissipation
    • Withstand over 130 PSI of Boost
    • Larger passages provide more air cooling flow for the engines radiator resulting in less fan clutch engagement
    • High flow cast end tanks with balloon proof support struts
    • The strongest most efficient cooler on the market


    • 12-Months
    • 24,000 Miles


A Breath of Fresh Air...


BD Diesel Performance free flowing Charge Air Cooler (CAC) - or intercooler - design with streamlined external air passages improves engine cooling while offering less fan noise and less blade resistance, plus, improving engine power and efficiency of the radiator and air conditioning heat exchangers. Designed through testing at 100+ psi turbo boost pressure and 500oF turbo outlet temperatures, our extra thick cast end tanks with support struts have integrity and long life without ballooning and cracking.

With 57% more cooling surface area and a 33% thicker core, the Cool-It increases cooling efficiency to approximately 90%, compared to only 70% for the stock intercooler. That can mean a temperature reduction of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit! At the same time, 36% larger inlet and discharge tubes (3.125-inch vs. 2.625-inch) and cast tanks with internal support struts can handle up to 100 psi of boost and over 1500 cfm, while holding pressure drop to less than 1 psi.

The BD Diesel Performance Micro Extruded Tube design is for applications producing 20-100 psi of boost pressure and inlet temperatures of 500+OF. The tubes have a 0.025" wall thickness and designed enhanced inner fins that add to performance and already strong support structure resulting in a 95% heat conductivity transfer. No cracking or separation occurred when tested at over 400 psi.Higher turbo boost pressures results in lower EGT's.

The lower the turbo boost pressure drop across the CAC (inlet vs. outlet) the higher the volume flow - the more volume of air that can fl ow through the CAC and the higher the turbo boost pressure will result in lower exhaust gas temperatures (EGT). BD's Cool-It CAC's are designed for performance diesel engines.

For towing heavy loads, the Cool It intercooler is highly beneficial, as it will keep intake air temperature in check during long hauls at high ambient temperature. The BD Cool-It intercooler is a direct, bolt-in replacement for the stock intercooler, and is the best looking, best performing intercooler on the market. Hoses and heavy-duty spring-loaded T-bar clamps included in some kits.



  • Highest thermal efficiency
  • Highest consistency of internal structure
  • Greatest strength, resistance to "ballooning" and separation
  • Unobstructed air passage to engine radiator