BD-Power 1040197 P7100 Fuel Stop Plate

BD Diesel

BD Diesel Performance Fuel Stop Plate #10 94-98 P7100 12V 5.9L Cummins

12-Valve Fuel Stop Plates

  • Changes Fuel Delivery Curve For P7100 Pumps
  • Ramp Designs Enable 30 to 150 Hp Increase
  • Ramp Designs Enable 70 to 300 Ft./Lbs of Torque In
  • Replaces Key Components in Bosch P7100 Pump
  • Only to be Installed by Qualified P7100 Technician

Looking for Big Daddy radical power?

You've found it! At least 20 engineers were involved in designing the Fuel Stop Plate and Governor controls. The fuel stop plate controls the fuel quantity of the Bosch P1700 fuel pump that is the heart of the Cummins engine performance. The governor controls the engine response to load and the maximum engine RPM. BD offers 6 different ramp designs of the fuel stop plate that result in 30 to 150 HP and 70 to 300 ft/lbs of torque and a calibrated boost tube orifice improves your turbo performance.