BD-Power 1032031 Control Arms

BD Diesel

BD Diesel Control Arm Kit Upper & Lower - Dodge 2000-2009 4X4 2500/3500


  • Improved Construction & Longevity Over Stock Control Arms
  • Fully Adjustable with Little to No Disassembly
  • Durable Polyurethane Bushings

Stock control arms on 1994-2012 Dodge trucks are known for deterioration, which contributes to caster misalignment and steering problems. BD Diesel has solved this issue. BD's Control Arms are manufactured with forged end links that are over three times stronger than stock arms. That means they are three times less likely to bend! Control arm bodies are powdercoated, and threads are zinc-plated to prevent rust. To help correct caster, the lower arms are fully adjustable with removal from the vehicle, while only the upper arms require the removal of one bolt for complete adjustment. Smooth, stiff ultra polyurethane bushings are used for extended service life.