BD-Power 1031055 Short Shift Kit (20% Less Distance then Factory)

BD Diesel

BD Diesel Short Shift - 2003-2004 Dodge 6-Speed NV5600

Dodge Short-Shifters

  • Reduces Shift Lever By 20%
  • Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation

The spirit of driving the Dodge Ram HO 6-speed NV5600 can be enhanced with the BD Short-Shift kit. The Ram Diesel is very nimble but the stock gear shift lever movement leaves you feeling like you are driving an old pick-up truck. The BD Short-Shift reduces the shift lever travel by 20% and resultsin a new driving experience. It provides quick, accurate smooth gear selection without damaging you passenger's knees. Easily installed in an hour by removing the console to access the shifter shaft from inside the truck cab. The BD Short-Shift kit is Ram tuff and a good quality design.