Auto Meter Cobalt Series Boost Gauge 6160


Auto Meter 6160 Cobalt Boost Gauge 2-1/16" electrical full sweep 30 psi


Forced induction applications require precise monitoring of the boost pressure being created by your turbo or supercharger to get the most power safely from your engine. Auto Meter s Digital Stepper Motor Boost Gauge provides the most accurate reading available, unparalleled response time and smooth needle movement. Designed for diesel or extreme boost applications, these gauges include a MAP sensor and wiring harness for ease of installation.

Feature Points

  • Features Hi-Def through-the-dial blue LED lighting
  • Includes 8ft. Wiring Harness
  • Includes MAP Sensor and T Fitting
  • Includes gauge mounting hardware and installation instructions
  • Full sweep precision digital stepper motor meter movement