ATS SelectShift Valve Body


ATS SelectShift Valve Body

Valve Body, ATS SelectShift for Dodge 47RH, 47RE, and 48RE transmissions. Must use ATS Standalone Transmission Control Unit, Wiring Harness, and programming P/N 601-950-2104

  • Individual shift solenoids
  • Full line-pressure control (eliminates TV cable/motor)
  • Superior drive ability

Due to the added EPC solenoid, you must use an aftermarket deep transmission pan such as the ATS Extra Deep transmission pan.

Dodge Calibration files:
Click Here To Download TCU Installer
Click Here To Download Latest Base Tune
*Note* - If you are using a Mac computer, call ATS for special instructions PLEASE NOTE: ATS Stand Alone Transmission Controllers (the "Controllers") are sold AS IS, NO WARRANTY, either express or implied, in any circumstance or application. These Controllers are designed for racing applications and remove all safeguards related to standard electronic transmission controls. ATS can only provide limited tech support on this item.