ATS 3019002116 Transmission Pan


ATS Dodge Cummins 1998-2007 TRANSMISSION PAN, ATS ALUMINUM +5 QT, 46/7/8-RH/E (3019002116)


High Capacity Aluminum Transmission Pan (3019002116) by ATS Diesel Performance®. Depth: Deep. Capacity Increase: 5 Quarts. The ATS Diesel Pan is the best aftermarket transmission pan on the market for your truck. There are several ingenuitive designs that are incorporated into this newly designed Deep Pan. To begin, ATS Diesel has radically redesigned the fluid flow dynamics in the pan by adding a flow dam that keeps fluid available to the pickup tube under heavy acceleration or driving on a steep grade. The pan also features a true tapered design, making the drain plug the lowest point of the pan. This will allow for easier, more complete draining.
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  Extra Quarts of Fluid Over Stock
  Added Strength to the Transmission Case
  Magnetic Drain Plug
  1" Magnetic Drain Plug
  HD Heat Sink
  Temp Probe Mount
  Powder Coated Black
For about twenty years, ATS Diesel Performance® has been a prominent manufacturer of diesel truck performance products known all over the world for innovation and solid workmanship. The company strives to meet the most demanding requirements of its customers whether they need efficiency and power for off-road, recreation, towing, or racing. With a headquarter in Arvada, Colorado, ATS Diesel invents, designs, and makes a large variety of products for Dodge, GM, Ford, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles.
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