aFe 46-40011 BladeRunner Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold


AFE Exhaust Manifold (stainless Steel) Dodge Cummins 2003-2007 5.9L

3-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Advanced Flow Engineering (aFe Power), an industry leader in performance cold air intakes, filters and exhaust systems is pleased to announce the release of their new BladeRunner Exhaust Manifold for the popular 2003-07 Dodge Ram Cummins with the L6-6.6L (td) part number 46-40011. Part number 46-40011 represents the latest in airflow technology from aFe. The all new BladeRunner exhaust manifold is constructed out of .25 thick wall, cast 304 stainless steel for maximum durability under high heat conditions as compared to cast iron units. 46-40011 features a merged runner design for smooth exhaust transitions and increased flow. This manifold also comes with 2-EGT probe ports to provide you with the ability to measure EGTs on both banks of the exhaust manifold. The EGT ports are positioned inline with the air stream as to not disrupt the exhaust flow. 46-40011 is a one-piece design and has re-enforced ribs between each exhaust port to increase the strength and eliminate the cracking found in most stock and aftermarket units. In recent testing, part number 46-40011 increased exhaust flow by 23% over the stock exhaust manifold improving throttle response, lowering EGTs. Features: Cast 304 stainless steel Performance stock replacement 2-EGT probe ports Thick wall design for maximum durability Benefits: Increased exhaust flow Faster turbo spool-up Lower EGTs Increased performance Includes: Exhaust manifold (1) Bracket & port plugs (2)