ATS Diesel 3031002188 Pressure Solenoid Block Conversion Kit

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ATS Diesel 3031002188 Pressure Solenoid Block Conversion Kit

Part Number: 3031002188

Part Type: Valve Body Replacement Components


GM Governor Pressure Solenoid Block Conversion Kit, Dodge, 1996-2007, fits all 47-RE and 48-RE Dodge/Chrysler Transmissions. Replaces Mopar Factory P/N 4617210 This is a precision cast aluminum pressure manifold block that completely replaces the original part.


Dodge uses a very cheep, problematic solenoid that is modulated to emulate governor pressure. This assembly removes the small stock solenoid and cast housing and replaces it with an over sized GM Heavy duty solenoid that has 6 times the force to accurately control the metering valve that creates governor pressure.


Governor pressure is responsible for making the transmission to up shift, down shift and part throttle shifts.


Common causes of a failing factory governor pressure solenoid are no up shifts, late up shifts, sticking in a gear, erratic shifting when cold and poor shift performance.


In many cases a check engine light will come on indicating there is a transmission problem, often being caused be a failing governor pressure solenoid.


This part can easily be changed by simply dropping the pan, removing the filter, removing 6 bolts and installing the new aluminum solenoid block and HD Solenoid.