DPS 62-71-12 TURBO FOR CUMMINS 5.9L CR 2003 - 2007

Diesel Power Source

Diesel Power Source

62 TURBO FOR CUMMINS 5.9L CR 2003 - 2007



The 360 degree bearing adds 45% more thrust load capacity.

Features & Benefits:

  • Directly bolts onto 2003-2007 Dodge Cummins 5.9L
  • 7 pad 360° Thrust Bearing
  • Adjustable High flowing wastegate with turnbuckle
  • Very quick spool-up (similar to stock)
  • Up to 470 horsepower
  • Horsepower Gains typically be between 30-50 rwhp, depending on truck modifications
  • Flows 930 cfm vs. stock turbo at appx. 580 cfm
  • Can be used as direct factory replacement turbo
  • Great for towing



Turbo Spool-Up Comparison Table

  • DPS 62/65/12: 1300-1400 RPM's; Max HP Rating 470
  • DPS 64/65/12: 1450-1550 RPM's; Max HP Rating 550
  • DPS 64/71/12: 1600-1850 RPM's; Max HP Rating 650

** Turbos will spool differently in every truck. Injector size, timing, cam shaft, and other mods all affect the spool-up, the above table is the typical spool-up RPM's.

Our DPS turbo is perfectly engineered to offer excellent drive-ability, while making a large drop in EGT's, and huge horsepower gains. Spool up is very similar to stock. The DPS turbo is based on the S300 turbo platform with substantial modifications. Our innovative in-house engineering has greatly improved the performance of the DPS Turbos by:

  1. Redesigning the exhaust scroll, creating quicker spool up than a 12cm2 housing, but flowing equal volume to the 14cm2. Using a proprietary “trick” to optimize the exit angle into the wheel. A very noticeable difference.

  2. Utilizing a wastegate designed to flow more volume

  3. Improving the internal bearing structure


The DPS Turbo is also an excellent choice for the primary charger in a twin (compound) turbo application.

D-Tech Turbo

If you have performance injectors and/or an Edge, Bully Dog, EFI Live, Smarty, PPE, Hypertech, Quadzilla, Banks or any other performance chip, your truck is screaming for mercy because of the high EGT's. This turbo is a must to keep high exhaust gas temps in check.

Our turbo is designed to be both high performance and very pleasant to drive and can be used within our compound kits.

Comes with a 1-year, limited warranty. This is a great factory turbo replacement/upgrade and easily bolts right on.

Outperforms other S300 based turbos, up to their size (compare to HTB2, Phat Shaft, Super B, Aurora turbos).